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Command Group

The ISD Virulent is the Command ship of the Virulent Battelgroup. This ship is under the Command of Fleet Admiral Wulfman, the Flight Officer of Imperial Order and XO of the Second Fleet.

The ISD Pendulum and ISD Adamant are the two escort ships of the ISD Virulent. Together they carry 36 Fighter Squadrons of 432 ships in total. Together with the most powerful turbo laser batteries of the ISD's the firepower is amazing.

The Command Group is the most powerful part of the Battelgroup Virulent. The Command Group is well balanced and is able to strengthen the assault or the defense group when needed.


 ISD Virulent
ISD Pendulum
ISD Adamant

Assault Group

The Assault Group is the offensive strike force of the Virulent Battelgroup. This group is lead by the ISD Judicator. 

With two ISD's including 24 Squadrons of TIE's and an Interdictor Cruiser this Group perfectly prepared for trapping enemy forces. With the gravity projectors the Interdictor is capable to interdict enemy hyper space jumps.

This group is designed to deal with pirates and small rebel forces in and outside the Kessel System. For major assaults this group joins with the Command group to wipe out enemies in the Calaron Secret.

 ISD Judicator
ISD Vindicator
Interdictor Rebuker

Defense Group

 The Defense Group is under the Command of the Imperial Correction Facility Director, who is under the Command of Fleet Admiral Wulfman.

The VSD Reliant and the VSD Corona are always on close patrol around the Planet Kessel. The PLT Dirge is around the orbit of Kessels moon. Together with several TIE Squadrons they are the inner defense of the System.

The main purpose of the defense group is to make sure that all prisoners stay on Kessel, no spice smugglers have access to the illegal drug and no attackers may take over control. In coordination with the whole Battelgroup this makes Kessel one of the best protected places in the universe.

VSD Reliant
VSD Corona
PLT/C Dirge

Support  Group

 The Support Group is actually the most occupied group of the Virulent Battelgroup. The subgroup Commander is the Captain of the Frigate Diamond.

The ships of this subgroup are the fastest Starships within the Battelgroup. The Frigate Diamond also has two Fighter Squadrons.

The major task of the support group is escort and patrol. They secure convoys and protect deliveries. They are the first ships to be there when small fighter groups (pirates or rebels) attack anyone in the System and reinforcement in battle situations..

Frigate Diamond
M/CRV Emerald
M/CRV Sapphire